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About Practical Pam

Pamela is a passionate and dedicated millennial who believes in empowering young adults with information and resources through her platform Practical Pam. Pamela was born and raised in Zimbabwe and studied Human Resources and Economics for undergrad at Michigan State University (MSU).  She studied Economics of Law and the Economics of Policy in London, England as part of an undergrad study abroad program through MSU. Intrigued by the world of policy making, a few months later she spent a semester in Washington D.C. as part of an internship program through MSU. She was exposed to educational policies with a universal approach to empower all children including those with disabilities to effectively prepare them to be adults who can participate in the workforce.

After graduation Pamela moved to Dallas, TX to be close to her family and started her corporate career in technology as a Business Systems Analyst. After a couple of years in Texas she relocated to Atlanta, GA where she has resided for the past 4 years, working as a Senior Business Analyst for a global investment management firm.

Pamela experienced some challenges in her early to mid-twenties but overcame those through her faith and having a strong community around her. She has literally fought for what she believes in through her participation in Brawl For A Cause (BFAC) 2018, raising $7,500 to benefit Partnership Against Domestic Violence, a non-profit organization based in Atlanta GA that strives to end the crime of intimate partner violence.  Through her fundraising efforts and her boxing training to prepare for her BFAC bout,  she overcame the ultimate challenge: mental  and emotional discipline, in preparing for her first and last boxing fight as a registered USA Boxer (you can read more about this in an interview feature documented here). In reflection of her journey through her 20s and appreciation for the fellowship, her physical health and community around her, this is what inspired the birth of Practical Pam. 

Practical Pam serves as a multimedia platform and access community for young adults, especially women, to be empowered in their lives through the focus on 2 main pillars: Health and Adulting. The platform is designed to make navigating the world as a millennial less daunting by empowering young adults to find resources and information to make informed decisions and build confidence in pursuit of their goals and purpose in life.